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  101 Dalmatians The Musical
Music by Dennis DeYoung
Lyrics by Dennis DeYoung
Book and Lyrics by B.T. McNicholl

The musical 101 Dalmatians that toured the United States and concluded it's run at the Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York was an experience I will never forget. I especially enjoyed the challenge of writing songs for a family show which had kids singing and dancing to my tunes. The children actors were not only talented but the nicest bunch of kids you'd ever want to meet. The cast, the musical director Don York and the music coordinator Nadia DiGillanardo were all terrific. The role of Cruella DeVil was totally inhabited by that powerhouse Rachel York, one brave and incredible singer actress. Brave for cavorting around the stage on 16 inch stilts under her costumes while singing and chasing the Dalmatians. (I get nose bleeds on thick carpet) My favorite songs from the show are Be A Little Bit Braver, My Sweet Child and The Family Song. Look for examples of these in the near future. Click here for the official 101 Dalmatians Musical website.


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