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Dennis DeYoung And The Music of STYX
Live In Los Angeles

Dennis DeYoung And The Music of STYX
Live In Los Angeles
Grand Illusion

Dennis DeYoung And The Music of STYX
Live In Los Angeles
Best of Times

Huffington Post
Lorelei Video

I thought that's how it sounded. Who are those guitarists shredding the place up?
Cheers, dennis
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Hello God
Just saw this on YouTube. I think this was written by the "show me the way guy". No not Peter Frampton.
cheers ddy

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Dawn returns totally unplanned at a sold out show in Reno and sings her ass off. Just like old times...I mean the best of times.
Love dennis

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Styx Inducted Into the Ultimate Classic Rock
Hall of Fame

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New Blue Collar 2013

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Dennis Rocks Toronto

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Dennis & Hammond USA

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Thanks to Deana Lofrano and Shannon for finding the pics and putting the video together.

Happy 43rd Anniversary
Love Dennis

"Japan, The Budokan, 1982 the last show of the Paradise tour a Japanese TV production". What a band! Who is that guy at 6:57?
- ddy

Concert Review: Dennis DeYoung: The Music of Styx with The Dallas Symphony Orchestra
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Artistshouse Music Interview

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Huffington Post Interview (7.9.12)

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Backstage Axxess Interview (7.2.12)

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Stuck in the '80s Episode 257 Podcast (2.15.12)
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Goldmine Interview
Reposted on
Classic Rock Revisited

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read the interview

I Turned Down The Cover For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue For This

Anyone who has seen me in a Speedo knows why.
Check this out!

Thanks for this posting. This is the band I remember.
- ddy

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Show Me The Way

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Hit Rewind
I met House of Representives Dan Lipinski at a concert where I was performing a few years back and he mentioned to me how the lyrics to Rockin the Paradise held special meaning to him.
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Dennis Voted #22 Greatest Rock Keyboardist

"From accordion player to this. I would have been higher if polkas had been considered."
— Dennis
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Dennis Voted #38 Greatest Male Rock Vocalist

"I am flattered but I don't know how Steven Tyler, Lou Gramm, John Lennon, Bob Seeger, Rod Stewart, Don Henley, Sting, John Foggerty and some others are all after me."
— Dennis
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Show Me the Way

Hey kids,
I did this last week and holy cow. Unbelievable so thanks to everyone who watched and left a comment.

Dennis Trending

Hey kids,
Here's a song from my new album "26 East: Volume 1", TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

Thanks to Jim Peterik, Serafino and the kids at Frontiers and Tim Orchard for making this possible.


Dennis DeYoung Announces 2020 Tour and New Album Featuring a Duet with Julian Lennon

Dennis DeYoung's new album "26 East: Volume 1,” will be released Spring 2020 via Frontiers Records and will feature the duet "To The Good Old Days" with Julian Lennon.

DeYoung has previously announced this will be his last album but has added an update.

"This was supposed to be my final album but there were so many songs written that Serafino Perugino, CEO of Frontiers, suggested dividing it into two albums rather than one,” DeYoung states. “This is Volume 1, which sounds pretentious to me, but the marketing folks wanted you to know there are going to be two of them, so hey kids, there are two of them; this is Volume 1."

The collaboration with Julian Lennon came about when DeYoung wrote a verse and chorus of a song with Lennon in mind. Lennon heard the demo and said he would be honored to participate. Lennon's vocals were recorded in October at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, NY.

DeYoung shares, "The moment we sang together in the studio it felt magical. I wrote the song specifically for our two voices. I had never met Julian previously but I have been an admirer since Valotte."

It all started when Jim Peterik, a fellow Chicagoan and nearby neighbor, sent a song demo to Dennis.

"If not for Jim Peterik’s encouragement, talent and prodding I would not have recorded this music,” said DeYoung. "He once told me the world needed my music; to which I replied 'have the world text me for verification.' We collaborated from the get go, happily and seamlessly and at this time we have written 9 songs together of which five will be on Volume 1. Just two Chicago guys doing what they do best, making music and having a laugh.”

The album title “26 East” was the address where DeYoung grew up in Roseland on the far south side of Chicago. This is where the band was formed in his basement in 1962. Across the street lived the Panozzo twins John and Chuck who along with DeYoung would go on to form the nucleus of Styx. The cover artwork features 3 locomotives traveling through space, representing the original members leaving Chicago on their journey to the stars.

To kick-off the release of the album, DeYoung will appear at the House of Blues Chicago, 329 N. Dearborn St., Chicago on April 3rd 2020, with a live concert and sneak preview of the album. Every attendee will receive the new CD of “26 East”. In addition, the album will be played in its entirety on the house PA, followed by a Q&A session with DeYoung and Jim Peterik to discuss the new music. It will be followed by the live performance of The Music of Styx. Attendees can expect to hear a few songs from the new album, also performed live. In support of the release of “26 East,” DeYoung will tour heavily throughout 2020.

#julianlennon #houseofblues #albumreleaseparty

Order the 2CD/DVD version of
Dennis DeYoung And The Music of STYX
Live In Los Angeles at:

A big thank you to all of the Canadian fans for making the Blu-Ray version of DENNIS DEYOUNG AND THE MUSIC OF STYX LIVE IN LOS ANGELES the #1 selling music video in Canada! This is the first #1 in Canada for Dennis, so again, THANK YOU to the fans for the support!


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A special thank you to all whose videos we have shared on this website.

Hey everybody,
This is a video of a song from Jim Peteriks new World Stage album that we co wrote. It will also be on my new album.

Hey Kids,
I have been spending the majority of my time on my Facebook page and have not been here all that much. Below is a series of Podcasts I am doing for Cox Media Group that airs in six cities. They are taken from two separate interviews I did awhile back and touch on various topics that might be of interest to you. Check them out when your bored I think they're pretty insightful and funny.

Episode 1
Dennis introduces his new podcast and talks about the origins of the song "Lady".
  Episode 2
Dennis tells us why he thinks "Rock is Dead" and what has replaced it.
Episode 3
Dennis talks about the Paradise Theatre Tour and Album and meeting President Ronald Reagan.
  Episode 4
Dennis talks about why "The Song is King. All that remains is the songs in the very end."
Episode 5
Dennis talks about how Styx gravitated to the "prog rock" genre.
  Episode 6
Dennis talks about the history of Styx.
Episode 7
How Dennis got started in the biz.
  Episode 8
Dennis talks about a song he wrote that made it #1 in Quebec.
Episode 9
Dennis talks about some of his favorite music.
  Episode 10
Dennis talks about career paths, his own middle-class upbringing, and technology replacing jobs like the one his father had.

Hey kids,
Back in December Adam Sandler asked me if I would be his guest at his annual Holiday bash and perform Grand Illusion, Lady and Come Sail Away with his Cracker Jack band. Of course I cried, will there be a buffet. Turns out there was an unbelievable buffet including free cocktails for everyone. "And the fun never ends as long as he's". Adam throws this party yearly as a gift to all his friends and employees. I estimated around two thousand people were there. Regular folks mingled with show biz types and the atmosphere could only be described as BIG FUN.

The day before at rehearsal I met Adam for only the second time (the other being the Big Daddy premiere) and had a lovely chat about life, Big Daddy, music and specifically Styx. I do not claim to know him very well but both times he has impressed me as a down to earth, unpretentious, cool guy. Plus he really dug Styx which qualifies him as a certifiable genius.

The list of performers at the party included Gene Simmons, Don Felder, Courtney Love, Rick Springfield, Kevin Cronin, Vanilla Ice, Rick Derringer, Tom Morello, the Romantics, Adam himself and a player to be named later.

Suzanne, Tim, August and Michelle my lawyer Rob Allen and his wife sat in the green room which was quite large for around three hours waiting to perform. Spent some time with Kevin Cronin and his wife Lisa, David Spade, Tom Morello, Taylor Lautner, Patrick Warburton, Cheri Oteri, and Brad Elvis. I was surprised to learn Tom Morello was a big Styx fan telling me about his attending the Paradise Theater in the last row of the Rosemont horizon back in 1981. I told him if only he had told me he was going to end up becoming Tom Morello I would have gotten him front row seats. All had lovely stories about listening to Styx when they were young except Cronin who kept humming Keep on Lovin You. (Did not) Adam sang back up on every song and we I did the "all the same same same same" echo thing on Grand Illusion by alternating the singing instead of with delay. If you would have told me this would happen back when I wrote the tune back in 77 I would have said who's Adam Sandler. He was 11. The crowd was younger but wildly enthusiastic especially for me which I attributed to them being sufficiently liquored up by the time I went on. Free booze boo yah.

I would remiss if I did not mention Brooks Arthur Adam's record producer and right hand man who set everything up. Google him and marvel at the career he has had as an engineer. He's as good as it gets as a person and talent.

I have never been a schmoozer or the hanging out cat and kept pretty much to myself in Chicago with my family and friends but I must say I really enjoyed myself. Thanks Adam.

On a related note I have decided to do the hang and put a bid on the Playboy Mansion to start throwing parties with Hef. Just kidding Suzanne.

Hey kids I just came across the Rolling Stone review of the Grand Illusion album by Joe Fernbacher from 1977. This guy singles but one song out on the album and that's Miss America. No mention of Grand Illusion, Foolin Yourself or ComeSail Away, the three songs still being played on radio today. But being completely wrong about his musical prescience is really not the issue it's his ignorant and malicious evaluation of the songs lyrical content that enrages. He accuses JY of being a misogynist (woman hater) based on his interpretation of the lyrics. At this time JY and I were best friends traveling together by car to many drivable Midwestern cities and sharing motel rooms to save money. Roomies. I witnessed first hand the agony and feeling of helplessness he endured as his beloved wife Susie was stricken with Porphyria a disease for which there is no cure. She nearly died and she has bravely dealt with health issues ever since. Through it all he was by her side taking over when Dr.s had no answers. To this day he has been by her side through everything. A mensch if ever there was one. She was his Miss America and the lyrics reflect that using the metaphor of a beauty queen (which she was to him) who had lost her crown. Every chorus ends with the words "Our love". I suggest you reread his lyrics with that in mind. If this Fernbacher character is still alive he owes JY an apology.

Hey everybody,
Landed in LA yesterday and was greeted with the news of the day in San Bernadino. My deepest sympathies to all those whose lives have tragically been touched by this madness. Although I wrote a song entitled turn off CNN when these things happen it's difficult not to want to know what happened and why. The why, as is the case with too much of human behavior is tough to make sense of.


On a happier note I'm in LA to play at Adam Sandler's private Holiday bash. I will be joining a bevy (that's 2 more then a bunch) of Adam's favorite musicians to spread some musical cheer to all those in attendance. I rehearsed last night with a great group of musicians led by Waddy Wachtel and will be playing Grand Illusion, Lady, and Come Sail Away. Adam was there and will be joining in on background vocals. More tambourine less cowbell. More on this later.

Hey everybody,

Wow! This just showed up on YouTube. I had never seen this before but coincidentally I was just asked about this very day last week by author Dave Hoekstra who interviewed me about a book he was writing. This was the last game the White Sox played in Comiskey Park which at the time was the oldest park in Major League Baseball. Because of my personal relationships with former manager Tony LaRussa and owner Jerry Reinsdorf I was asked if Styx would do it. Are you kidding. Quite an honor for a kid whose dad brought him to his first game at this very park when he was nine. My dad and I had spent countless un air conditioned hot summer days listening to the games on the transistor radio. So it was great that my parents and my family were in attendance to witness it all. I was the only Sox fan in the group. John was a Cubs fan and the other guys including John were more Blackhawk and Bears fans then baseball enthusiasts. If you needed some musician or celebrity to do this for the Cubs the line would have been a long one but the White Sox celebrity fan list was very short. In 1990 no one knew who Barack Obama was so who was left, Mayor Daley, Jessie Jackson? Side note, I've heard that in 2017 these 3 are considering forming a singing group to perform Bee Gee's covers in Vegas. "Staying aliveahiveahive".

Anyway my dad passed his love of baseball and the Sox on to me and I did the same for my son Matthew. In fact he became more dedicated then I ever was what with his season tickets and every app invented to check up on his team. As a parent you occasionally get things right. Anyway Matthew bought me a green bleacher seat and a brick from the old ballpark that I will always cherish along with the myriad of memories of time spent with my dad my friends and my family. Cheers Dennis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY one day late to my girlfriend and wife Suzanne. Love from your boyfriend and husband.

Hey everybody,

I certainly hope none of you ever discover how many times I check on you tube for my current video's or old Styx video's when I'm bored because it would be embarrassing. Or the number of times I google myself. Google has begun to send me messages beginning Hey dude get a life. Kind of like the Lite beer commercial when Troy Aikman claims to not dwell in the past and then his ring tone goes off screaming "Aikman touchdown unbelievable".

I believe those who claim to not be interested in themselves or their past are secretly wanted for transporting illegal goods across state lines, or their lying. I mention this because this video popped up in that ever helpful or intrusive function on you tube that appears under "recommended for you". Now if one of these videos turns out to be "Sexy Sabrina and her frisky Python" trouble could be right around the corner. You know who you are.

Thankfully for me and Suzanne it was Dennis DeYoung at Manny's deli 2000 not Sabrina, Suzanne is deathly afraid of snakes I did not post this because it shows me in the most glamorous light, quite the contrary but because I believe it demonstrates essentially who I am as a person and performer. Manny's deli was the TV station's idea not mine and when Suzanne, Carrie and I who was my publicist at the time arrived at 6 am my first thought was, I wonder if it's to late to become an aluminum siding salesman. It was clear that the early morning crowd at Manny's were clueless as to I was or why I was interrupting their breakfast. I believe that when the camera panned around the room FBI alerts were sounded causing a momentary ruckus as fugitives escaped. I made that last part up. So faced with situation I did what I always do and made the best of it. Anyone can accomplish things under the best circumstances it's the vast majority of life we must somehow manage to get through. I had recently been replaced in the band I founded and had been given the opportunity to headline the Rosemont Theater by Tim Orchard who ran the joint.

It was much to big a venue for someone like me, capacity 4300 but Tim convinced me to play it with a 50 piece orchestra. The orchestra show was his idea and he put up all the money (a lot a scratch) convinced he would sell it out. He did not once but twice leading to our partnership for the last 15 years. So there I was at Manny's of all places trying to stir up ticket sales for a show I was convinced no one would attend. On the curb and all alone without the mighty Styx name behind me I did what I had to do, which was playing Lady of Spain on the piano in front of a bewildered bunch. Wait a minute I just realized where the idea of Lady came from..."Lady of Spain I adore you". Remember "winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try".

Hey everybody,

Tonight we end our year and play the final show of a three day run here in Epcot, the happiest place on earth. "Everyone please have a magical day". This is the fourth time Disney has hired us to perform at their Eat to the Beat international Food and Wine Festival. I'm perfect for this shindig because as my family will tell you no one "wines" more than me. Each night the venue has been filled with enthusiastic fans from all over the U.S., even with the rain last night. Thanks to all who have attended.

This year we have played 54 shows between the U.S. and Canada and that's more then I have done since the 60 plus I did the year of The Night Of The Proms, the Germany tour. Suzanne, the band and I would like to thank you all for attending our shows and helping keep alive all the wonderful songs that Styx and I have created. We feel we are the go to destination for all the Hits.

Thanks to August, Jimmy, John, Craig, Dave and Suzanne for bringing this music to all of you and allowing me the chance to view first hand the lasting impact the Styx catalog has had on so many. How this miracle has occurred is really beyond my understanding. I know the songs that I wrote, the concept albums I initiated and the theatricality of our stage shows were all simply things I made up as I went along. It's still a mystery to me how things worked out as well as they did. As I expressed in the lyrics to the Grand Illusion (as well as other songs), far too much adulation and credit has been assigned to politicians, athletes and show biz people like me who really don't know much more about the the way things work than the next guy. Unless the next guy is that dumb ass sitting behind you at the movies talking loudly to the screen, or Charles Manson. I know more than them. Once again I am grateful for your continuing support and will continue to come visit you until I begin to embarrass my family.


PS. I have just been informed I have one more show in Ft. Lauderdale in December. Just when you thought it was safe to live in Florida...

Hey everybody,
I am mad mad mad mad mad with recent accusations that our recent successes have gone to our heads. I categorically refute these specious, allegations as nothing more than a blatant attempt by my political enemies to besmirch our integrity. I blame the radical left the nutty right and the mushy middle for this nonsense. By the way do any of you know of a hat store that sells xxxxxxxxxtra large, winter's coming.

P.S. Thanks to my good friends in Florida for the big heads.

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